Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Boyfriend is A Douche Bag

So I was sick. I had a really bad cold, my lungs felt like they were burning every time I breathed. I stayed in bed essentially for four days, (I did go out a couple of times but I was always sweating profusely) and do you know who didn't ask me how I was doing the entire time I was ill? Mr. Count Choc. I have only spoken to him twice in the past week. Once I called and he immediately told me he would call me back. The second time he called me on his break at work and promised to call me back. If you have to ask me whether or not he called back then I don't think you read the title of my post. And all of this after he called me an asshole.

He owes me money. And if for no other reason than the fact that he owes me money I would have expected him to call me back. Especially because he knows I know when he gets paid. This shit ain't cute and I am so over it. I think I'm going back to being single. At least I know how to treat a lady right? And I'm sure at this point your thinking something like, why does she always have to besmirch this young man's character? And I will tell you why: Cause he isn't around for me to tell him to his face. So I'm sorry but you guys get the brunt of it.

Which brings us to here. I have started shopping like there is no tomorrow. New York has invigorated the inner shopper in me and so I bought myself a wannabe sapphire necklace, a pair of vintage gray suede boots and a little container for my jewelry. I keep looking for new jewelry. I'm like addicted to the sparkly right now. It's crazy.

Oh and in case you have been under a rock, Barack Obama is the new president of the United States of America. I never thought that I would live to see the day.

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Rollergirl said...

I am so proud of Obama! You guys must be on cloud 9, we are so excited for you all :)
Anyway, I have answered you question here:

PS - oh dear, the boyfriend has GOT to go!!